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Adelaide Boho Styled Wedding

Adelaide boho styled wedding began in the west of Adelaide, photos on the Glenelg beach and reception at the Glenelg Golf Club.

The bridal party was a fabulous group to photograph. They were fun, cooperative, up for a challenge, and comfortable with each other. People asked me how I went photographing such a large bridal party. No worries! I had to use a wider lens for group photos, but it was easy. They were all so at ease with each other it was a pleasure to photograph this Adelaide wedding.

The bride was very easy-going, and the distance between her and her bridesmaids during the months of wedding preparation was over two continents! As a consequence, they chose their own bridesmaids' dresses. They stuck to a floaty, earthy, floral, boho theme. You would think, with such an ecliptic choice of bridesmaids dresses it might look a bit busy but it looked great! All the girls could have styles that suited them, and they felt comfortable wearing. The groomsmen were from three different continents, so they chose their suits, shoes, and shirts. They had the same ties, socks, buttonhole flowers and cufflinks but as most of the groomsmen didn't have cufflinked shirts, the cufflinks weren't such a feature!

This bevy of girls have all been friends throughout their childhood. Most of them went to the same school in the north of Adelaide. They spent many weekends hiking, singing and partying together. They were pretty much inseparable until this bride moved to the UK to be with her British fiance. I have photographed these girls as a group of friends a few times. They had a photo session to celebrate their friendship a few years back. I was thrilled when the bride asked me to photograph her wedding day knowing how relaxed, real, and happy it would be!

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Wedding reception: Glenelg Golf Club

James Melrose Road

e: functions@glenelggolf.com - Lyn is the wedding coordinator