Well, what a beautiful day Jono and Chloe’s wedding was at the historic Beaumont House!

Gardens of Beaumont House

Once and for all, we have decided to ignore what the weatherman says! Pouring rain and freezing conditions predicted for this wedding day, yet the sun shone, and it was pretty warm even though maybe that was because there were so many warm-hearted people there to celebrate such an occasion!
The gardens at Beaumont House are fantastic. All cared for and cultivated by hard-working volunteers; flowerbeds filled with Spring blooms made choosing spots to take the photos so hard because there were so many options! Photos amongst the flowers, throughout the olive grove at the back, by old stone walls and buildings, along the paths the meander throughout Beaumont House grounds and the beautiful fountain all make for fabulous photo opportunities. Stairs leading up to the House also make for some great bridal party photos.

Wedding Reception

Australian Hiring set up the marquee for the reception. It was a casual, fun style. The abundance of delicious, gourmet finger food by Adelaide’s Everyday Gourmet SA was outstanding. I have included a lot of photos of the food in this blog post as it was delicious!

Framed engagement photos hung around the walls of the reception along with hoops of ivy.

This wedding day such a happy and enjoyable day with so much attention to details and care for guests. Congratulations go to Chloe’s parents who managed to pull off two elegant weddings for their daughters within three months of each other! 

venue – Beaumont House
bridal gown – Adelaide Bridal Emporium
bridesmaids dress – Forever New
marquee Hiring and furniture – Australian Hiring
food – Everyday Gourmet Platters & More