{Jakob + Natalie}

Three Gums Bistro in the Adelaide Hills is just 25 minutes from the Adelaide CBD on the grounds of the Hahndorf Resort. With all the Adelaide Hills country feels including fresh air, Aussie gums and birdlife, it was a lovely venue for the intimate wedding of Jakob and Natalie.

Venue owners, Matt and Nikki said this wedding was their first wedding, after purchasing Three Gum Bistro the week before. You wouldn’t have known – their attention to detail and their excellent customer service, all day, was outstanding!

Almost all the guests lived interstate so they were able to stay in the on-site cabins at the Hahndorf Resort, which Three Gums Bistro is a part of. Family and friends could have their own place to stay and walk up to the Three Gum Bistro lawns when the wedding ceremony was about to begin. They slept the night at the venue after the reception. It kept things simple and gave the bride and groom the opportunity to spend time with the guests without feeling rushed. They still had their own privacy in their own luxury cabin designed for wedding couples.

What did Jakob and Natalie really like about Three Gums Bistro and the Hahndorf Resort?

Natalie said: “In terms of the ceremony/reception venue they went above and beyond for us. All our guests raved about the food and the attentiveness of staff. They were also very flexible with how we set up and wanted to use the space. For us the most important things were the accommodation on site for guests and that they were willing to do more for us than we expected or asked – it was such a load off our minds knowing we had a venue that was so flexible and accommodating to us”.

The ceremony

The ceremony was held on the lawns overlooking the Onkaparinga Valley just outside the Bistro. Natalie was able to come through the doors of the Bistro to walk directly down the aisle. Jakob said the walking down the aisle was an unforgettable emotional and magical moment. Natalie’s Dad had to consciously breathe his way through the whole experience of giving his beloved daughter away!! After the vows and ring presentation, the bride and groom with other family members filled a glass jar with sand from different beaches as a symbol of the different families coming together through marriage. It was very sentimental and the couple are able to keep the jar in a special spot in their home as a memory of this special occasion.

Photo opportunities at the venue

After the family and group photos on the lawn of the Three Gums Bistro overlooking the valley, we were able to get some photos in the fields and gum trees close by, and a lovely fence near the Adelaide Hills Convention Centre. Hahndorf Resort has a jetty over a large dam with birdlife which can make for some stunning photos. As the heart of Hahndorf is only 2 minutes down the road, photos at one shops down the main road which gave the couple some nice variation in their portfolio. In the evening, as the sun was setting, we took a few minutes to capture the golden glow and the heartfelt love that Natalie and Jakob clearly have for each other.

What did Jakob and Natalie feel about their photo experience?

“We were both really glad we had time together during the photos, where we could talk and share the excitement together. It was as though we hardly noticed that the photos were being taken because we were so caught up in being together and sharing the moment. My partner particularly loved the sunset time, which was definitely pretty magical”.

Jakob and Natalie’s love story:

Having met in January 2009 in the garden of a local watering-hole, Jakob took a calculated risk, to offer his dancing services to Natalie, after overhearing her complaining of a lack of company on the dance floor. A year later, after many dates of movies, dinners and watching the cricket, Jakob plucked up the courage to make it official.

Families were met and first impressions made. They must have been good impressions, as Natalie survived a family trip around Europe! It was not long after this that Jakob travelled overseas for work and they faced their biggest challenge. In a decision of mutual respect and admiration they parted ways, with the understanding that if they were meant to be together, fate would play its part. In 2014, fate stepped in and their paths aligned. Flash-forward to 2016, settled in Brisbane with house and dog, Jakob, dropped the knee and asked Natalie for her hand in marriage.

Photographers: Verity Edgecombe Photography

Florist: Kabloom by Debbie

Hair and Make-up: Kate Roxby

Venue: Hahndorf Resort and Three Gums Bistro

Dress: Luv Bridal – designed by Mia Solano