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Bridal Bouquets in Adelaide

Choosing bridal bouquets

We would all like our favourite flowers in our wedding bouquets - dahlias or poppies, David Austin roses or maybe hydrangeas. Often a florist can get what you want, even if they have to source the flowers from outside of Adelaide or even Australia, but playing it safe and choosing flowers that are in season means you are very unlikely to be disappointed and not get the flowers you chose. Getting in season flowers can often reduce the cost of your bouquet too. As a wedding photographer, I have heard too many brides disappointed that the flowers they were promised weren't available so ask lots of questions from your florist and make sure you are able to get what is just right for your big day!

The bridal bouquet in this photo above was by Adelaide's She Runs Wild and JUST what the bride wanted. The brides love of dahlias inspired her to include them in her bouquet and they were available for her summer wedding. The wedding took place at Adelaide Hills, Littlewood Agapanthus Farm.

Another option to consider is Australian natives bouquets. I used to think, before I was a wedding photographer and more educated on all this bridal, that Australian natives weren't at all suitable for bouquets but there are some seriously nice bouquets out there with Australian natives in them - and lots of colours to choose from. It might be handy to note that sometimes when florists use large proteas in bouquets, the outer petals haven't burst open when the bouquet arrives at the bride's getting ready venue. These can be gently opened before the wedding photographer takes photos of your bouquet.

The flowers in this bouquet really suited the boho, vintage look of this bride and the flowers were sourced from South Australian growers

Keeping your flowers fresh

If you have a summer wedding and fresh flowers with stems that aren't wrapped in ribbon, it's a good idea to keep them in the water as long as possible. It may even be an option to keep them in a bit of water (not a lot so there are no water spills) or a damp towel around them as you travel to your ceremony so the flowers last the length of your wedding day, especially for your wedding ceremony and official photos.

For more photos of this bouquet and wedding click here.

She Runs Wild

Verity Edgecombe Photography

Location: 69 Easlea Rd, Littlehampton, South Australia.