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Adelaide Family Photoshoot

Adelaide Family Photoshoot

Jenny is starting up an Adelaide photography business, so she wanted some experience being in front of the camera and some additional photos of herself and her family so she could use them for online marketing.

We ventured up Anstey Hill, Vista, to the Newman's Nursery ruins. It is a fifteen-minute ascent to get to the historical sight, so we made sure we only brought only what we needed, so our gear didn't slow us down. I always suggest families bring a snack for their children to photoshoots, so they have something to look forward to in addition to the treats I supply.

Anstey Hill has become a popular Adelaide Family Photoshoot spot, with its broken down foundations, lovely arches and window frames and beautiful Australian bushland.

In addition to photos of Jenny and Josh with their one-year-old, I included photos of them as a couple to help them celebrate their love for each other. Aren't they a gorgeous couple!

Jenny changed into some jeans for her online marketing photos

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Location: Perseverance Road, Vista, South Australia.