Children's Photography in Adelaide
Verity Edgecombe Photography

Children's Photography in Adelaide

This family photo shoot in the Adelaide Veale Gardens, on the skirt of the city, took a whole year to organise! The extended family made a date to have their photos taken but then one of the Mums fell pregnant so they postponed it for a year till after bub was born. It was worth the wait! All the families arrived in their blue and white tones, all with their different personalities. There were 8 adults and 10 children. The children stood on the edge of the creek running through the Veale Gardens and watched the ducklings swim by before they turned around and had a cousin portrait. We had an official one where they were all looking at the camera and then I encouraged them to laugh at each other. It was hard to keep the camera still I was laughing so much myself!! These let the children relax a bit and realise that family photos were fun and they could just be themselves.
We were able to get photos of each family, individual photos of everyone, extended family photos, grandparents with the grandchildren photos and some inbetween photos of kids and parents and aunties having fun! We chose the late afternoon sunlight for these photos so we could get ethereal backlit photos which adds an extra special element to any family photos.

Location: South Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia.