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Couple Photos with dog in Adelaide Hills

This couple live in the Adelaide Hills but Ben's parents lived in NSW. Ben and Em wanted to get some photos with their beloved pooch to send to Ben's beautiful Mum, Priscilla, who was very sick with cancer. She LOVED dogs and especially this gorgeous golden labrador.

Meeting them at the Balhannah dog park, they spent time playing and enjoying each others company. It was just a short mini family shoot but gave them enough photos to send to Mum. She thoroughly appreciated them and got them all printed so she could enjoy them.

Family photos can be such a special gift. They tell stories and record moments in time for years to come.

I loved this photo particularly for the adoring look the dog has for her owners.

Bring your dog to your family photo shoot if possible. They are part of the family and it's often great if they are included! Kids love having the dog/s there too and helps them to relax. Please note you can't have the session at the Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens as dogs aren't allowed.

To book your family photos with your dog in tow contact Verity on 0409995035 or email at verity@verityedgecombephotography.com.au

Location: Balhannah, South Australia.