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Family Lifestyle Photos Adelaide Hills

This family photo was taken at the top of the driveway of Geoff Hardy's K1 Winery in Kuitpo, Adelaide Hills. The photo session was a gift from husband to wife for her birthday and she couldn't have been more thankful for his thoughtfulness. She said "one of the best birthday presents organised by my darling husband" - he was obviously on a winner there!
We had booked the photo shoot the week before, but just as we arrived it started bucketing down with rain, and we rescheduled. It was worth waiting though, because the day these photos were taken the golden light of the late afternoon streamed down and it was like a little bit of paradise right there on that pebbled drive of Geoff Hardy's beautiful winery!

I love taking photos of children interacting with their parents - I wish I had more photos like this of my childhood - or even my children's childhood! They are priceless memories of love and affection that will forever be treasured.

When you have your family photos taken, just relax and be yourselves. I encourage families to play and talk to their children and often that produces really genuine, unscripted moments - and often that's the photo you will choose to print!

Mother and daughter during a family photo shoot at Kuitpo in the Adelaide Hills

To book your family photo session in the Adelaide Hills or near you, contact Verity Edgecombe Photography.

Location: 159 Tynan Road, Kuitpo, South Australia.