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Fun Family Photographer Adelaide Hills

There are 10 siblings in this Kananga family! They wanted to get some photos for their parents and for them to remember each other, being in different states of Australia. Getting them altogether was quite a task but they managed to all pile into cars and come up to the Adelaide Hills, the older siblings getting the young ones organised so it all happened.
We had most of the photos in a field in the Adelaide Hills. I popped a couch in the back of my car and we managed to have some great family portraits using the couch as a prop. They were all so responsive to instructions and it was an absolute pleasure to photograph them. Des Kananga is a model so his siblings tried to outdo him with poses! After taking lots of variety of photos, piling the children back into the cars and the couch back into mine, the sun was setting. It was an awesome golden glow which I decided we couldn't miss. "Follow me", I said, "let's catch that light"! Being more than happy for adventure, the family drove tagged behind me as I drove towards Verdun and found a spot on the hill where we could take some silhouetted photos of all the families and then just the boys.

Location: Onkaparinga Valley Road, Verdun, South Australia.