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Mt Barker Lifestyle Photographer

A few years ago I took photos of the then two-year-old Freddie, at his home in Adelaide and the local park. He now has a baby brother, Tom, so their parents chose to have two-year-old photos again. This time the family were in their new house in Mt Barker. They had some time in their playroom playing with trains and 'logs' and checking out the workman over the road.

We then went to the local park and spent a few minutes there for a change of scenery.

I keep the photo sessions relatively short and sweet. Not too short so we can't capture them relaxing but not too long, so they are completely over it!

I love lifestyle family photos and are forever thankful my parents had us photographed at home several times. The albums from these shoots sit on my coffee table and enjoyed by all who look through them.

How about getting an album of your family at home. I am contactable here.