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Verity Edgecombe Photography

Glen Ewin Estate Wedding Photographer

Glen Ewin Estate in Houghton, Adelaide Hills has many paths and enchanted places that, with the help of natural light can give you beautiful wedding photos

Luke and Alexandra chose the Pulpshed at Glen Ewin Estate as the venue for their wedding day. Their wedding had all the bells and whistles which started with an elaborate wedding invitation with four pockets incorporated on the flap. This included a map and directions to Glen Ewin Estate, a little note on gifts, a reply slip for those who wanted to reply by mail and an extra card with a quote on it that people could keep on their fridge or frame.

This pair decided to see each other before the ceremony. This is generally called 'the First Look'. I was a little nervous the groomsmen would arrive without our notice and spoil the surprise but they kept to plan and texted before they came in the grounds and we had the bride well hidden! The moment a groom sees his bride is always touching and when Luke turned around to Alex's tap on his shoulder, Luke was star struck!

This was a very hot January day but Glen Ewin has shady trees and the opportunity to hire shade umbrellas. These were placed down the aisle so the guests were out of the sun. Care has to be taken to make sure your umbrella shade covers the guests, especially the chairs near the aisle so you create atmosphere. There is no use having everyone huddled in the shade away from the big moment of walking down! Glen Ewin was excellent at providing plenty of cool drinks for all the guests. They are excellent at customer service.

A grand piano and a string quartet played as this lovely bride walked down the aisle. It was so beautiful.

We had managed to get some photos of Alexandra playing the piano before the ceremony. I love the way the willows frame the photo, the light falls on the brides lovely face and the pop of colour from the bouquet - a beautiful natural photo in a lovely setting.

Glen Ewin Pulpshed
Lower Hermitage Road
+61 8 8380 5657

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Location: 43 Lower Hermitage Rd, Houghton, South Australia.