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Riverland Wedding Photography

Riverland Wedding Photography

It was such a pleasure to photograph this country wedding on the banks of the Murray River in South Australia's Riverland.

The bride and groom went to church and school together but Charles was Laura's brothers mate, so they didn't hang out much. Imagine their surprise when football with Charles turned into walks with Laura!

The spot for this photo was chosen carefully so it reflected the environment and atmosphere of the wedding venue. I took the official family photos here on the banks of the river and then immediately after took bridal party photos too. So Laura and Charles could has some quiet time the bridal party were directed to the next photo spot while we got some lovely bride and groom portraits. This couple were very comfortable and relaxed with each other and I'm so pleased that their images reflect this.

Often, wedding venues have about 10 great spots for wedding portraits but as there is never enough time to photograph at each spot I go to wedding venues before the wedding to choose my favourites and ones that are in keeping with the tones and theme of the weddings.

Laura's stunning bridal gown was sewn by her mother with layers of tulle and a layer of beaded lace over a layer of lighter lace! It was absolutely stunning and I have now photographed three weddings with bridal gowns from this clever Riverland seamstress!

Location: Waikerie, South Australia.