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Verity Edgecombe Photography

Romantic Photos at Adelaide Hills Stangate House

Get your romantic, timeless, heartwarming photos taken at Adelaide Hills Stangate House!

The Dream Wedding

You have dreamed about your wedding day since you were a little girl! You imagined your princess bridal gown and your incredibly handsome prince! As you grew older you decided you wanted a garden wedding and thought about the colours and style that would suit you. Now you have found the man, you're giddy with love, he has popped the question and you're a bride to be! This is how it was for the bride in this photo. She realised now they had loads of decisions to make together and one of them was the wedding venue. Another big question was deciding who to capture her fairytale come true!

Weddings at Stangate House

Stangate House in the Adelaide Hills, tucked away at the back of Aldgate behind hedges and wrought iron gates has the makings for a beautiful romantic wedding! The venue has large trees and garden beds full of hellebores, camellias and all things cottage gardenish!
This photos was taken in Spring on the floor of one of the garden beds. I was standing on a stump. I had checked out the venue the day before to decide which parts of the garden would suit the tones and style of the couple's wedding. Knowing the couple were really easy going, I thought they wouldn't mind lying down for a few images but I wanted to make sure her bridal gown didn't get completely trashed so I had a little lie down myself and could assure them that, with a bit of a shake down they would be all good to go to their wedding reception!

For more info about Stangate House Weddings by Verity Edgecombe Photography click here or contact her here for wedding packages.

Stangate House volunteers are contactable on 0408 081 124 or email them enquiries@stangatehouse.org.au

Location: 3 Edgeware Rd, Aldgate, South Australia.