Top Riverland Wedding Photography
Verity Edgecombe Photography
Verity Edgecombe Photography

Top Riverland Wedding Photography

Couples getting married in the Riverland are spoilt for choice and diversity for their wedding photography!

Riverland Wedding Photography Options:

Having your wedding in the Riverland means you have so many choices of large open spaces to get beautiful images.

1. For starters there is the river! Finding a secluded spot on the river means you are away from houses and people and can get some gorgeous, sometimes ethereal type shots and gives you a chance to relax and be yourselves.

2. There is also good scope to get photos in vineyards. This is especially beautiful in Autumn with the change of colours. Catch the golden glow in the evening and you have your wall photos there in the making!!

3. Embrace the true Riverland spirit and have photos in olive or orange groves when in fruit!

4. The Cliffs! Embrace the beauty of the cliffs and have a climb up the slopes a bit. This, of course, means flat shoes! You can wear heels for the ceremony and change into flats if you like.

5. There are many old, beautiful cottages around the Riverlands in Berri and Waikerie. Find a cottage you love near your wedding reception and ask the owners if they would be ok with you having a few photos on their porch.

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Location: Waikerie, South Australia.