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Verity Edgecombe Photography

Wedding Celebrations for City Couples

Have all the celebrations of your wedding day captured like this city couple, by including a second photographer in the wedding package you choose!

Should we have a second photographer on my wedding day?

Should we have a second photographer (alias 'shooter') on our wedding day is what lots of couples ask themselves. Verity Edgecombe Photography includes a second photographer in all her wedding packages for lots of reasons.

Firstly, my second photographer is able to be at a different wedding preparation venue than me before the ceremony. My second photographer often photographs the groom and his groomsmen preparing for the day, while I am photographing the bride and her girls. Included in this time is getting the wedding details like the rings, the vows, the invitations and the bridal bouquets. The most ideal is for my second shooter and I to stay together and photograph the whole day together but time and distance often limits this.

Another reason to have a second photographer is so you can have photos from different angles. In this photo I was two stories up in a garden tower but my second photographer was tucked behind a bush on the grassed area with the bride and groom and guests so she was able to capture this celebratory, heartwarming photo of the bride and groom and close family members cheering!

The third reason is 'two hands make light work'! My photographer can double up as an assistant and find a stray bridesmaid or set up lights while I am photographing something, or getting guest photos while I photograph the reception room.

The only time I don't have a second photographer is a small, weekday wedding where I am only at the wedding for a few hours. At that time I usually have an assistant only.

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