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Sunnybrae Estate Wedding Photographer

I love this beautiful romantic photo of these sweethearts! They both glowed on their wedding day and this picture depicts the love they have for each other. The lamp in the background is a lovely added feature. As a wedding photographer I always like to find places at wedding venues that really capture the beauty of the place and allow the available sunlight to catch the couples emotions.

A lot of couples really want the bouquet to be a feature in the photos they print. When so much time is put into the details of the wedding, it's nice to have them on show in the photos! During the 'official photos', I have a mix of photos with and without the bouquet depending on where the couple is and what's happening.

Sunnybrae have a few lovely cottages on the estate

An enormous gum is at the front of one of the lawns at Sunnybrae Estate
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