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Veale Gardens Wedding Photographer

Named after William Charles Douglas Veale, and serving as part of the Adelaide Parklands, Veale Gardens is a popular wedding venue for bridal couples.

This park features well-designed garden beds and rolling green lawns that make for a lovely backdrop. They also have tall gum trees, floral arches, and paths leading up to Pavilion on the Park. Pavillion on the Park is a nearby restaurant and also serves as a wedding venue.

Brigadier William Charles Douglas Veale

Veale was a engineer, surveyor and soldier who made improvements to the Adelaide Park Lands, and was CEO of the Adelaide City Council.

Wedding Couple

Joanna and Micah met at school. They probably learnt to tie shoelaces together. They were obviously born for each other so when the pair finally married we all sighed relief that this happy couple had finally tied the knot!

Their happy band of bridesmaids and groomsmen came with us to Veale Gardens on the edge of Adelaide city centre where there were endless photo opportunities.

Just as the sun was going down we managed to capture this romantic photo of the two of them enjoying each others love and basking in the fact they had finally got married!

Location: South Terrace, Adelaide.