Wairoa of Aldgate Wedding Photographer
Verity Edgecombe Photography

Wairoa of Aldgate Wedding Photographer

Built 120 years ago, Wairoa of Aldgate is one of the Adelaide Hills iconic estates and fabulous for a romantic and picture perfect wedding venue. What makes it extra special is that the owners of these historic grounds are very accommodating and lovely to work with. Their aim obviously is for the espousal to be real, authentic and just what the couple dreamt of!

This lovely bride and groom were married on the lawns at the bottom of the estate, overarched with shaded trees and gardens beds full of blooms. There are paths running through all the gardens. My second shooter and I especially liked this path as it was arched with large flowering camellia bushes, edged with Japonica's and the path was littered with petals! Made for quite the romantic image of the bride and groom having a quiet moment before leaving for their reception across the other side of Adelaide.

Location: Unit 6/142 Mount Barker Rd, Aldgate, South Australia.