{James + Gemma}

James and Gemma were married in a picturesque setting on the lush lawn by the lake at Mt Beare Station.

Without knowing each other they applied for courses at the same uni, met in the same subject and were assigned to the same group. Minutes after class was dismissed they bumped into each other at Adelaide Central train station. After separating to top up Metrocards they found themselves in the same train carriage, travelled to the same stop, crossed the tracks to the same carpark and found their cars parked next to each other.

The next week they drove into town. James took a different car. Gemma told James he couldn’t follow her this week, as she had driven into town. He asked which carpark. Sure enough, they found themselves parked in the same carpark, on the same level … next to each other. Apparently, random choices sparked conversations, that fed a flame, that blossomed into love, and now they will live happily ever after!

Through an abundance of happy tears, James expressed his deep love for Gemma and his lifetime commitment:

“In you my soul has found the one I truly love and I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together, adventuring, building each other up, and sharing every moment.
Your smile and gentle words fill my heart when it feels empty.
I promise to love and protect you always, ensuring you always feel safe, secure, valued and whole.”

Gemma’s heartfelt vows brought more happy tears:

“I love you, not only for who you are, but for who I am when I am with you.
You’re the kindest and most loving man, you’re the reason I smile when I just want to cry, and when I do shed tears you’re always right there to wipe them away. Your embrace always makes me feel calm and safe and your smile warms my heart.
I will always choose you, each and every day. I will trust and respect you, motivate and support you, and I will love you unconditionally.”

Bestman Ben couldn’t be at the wedding in person, but he was there in a life-sized cut-out and a speech via video.
Canapes under the patio at Mt Beare Station, Mt Compass