Luke + Jacynta

Photographing Luke and Jacynta’s lovely bohemian wedding in country Queensland was an absolute pleasure! I was fortunate to be there several days before so I also caught some of the preparations for this heartwarming occasion.

Preparations for the DIY wedding

Two days before the wedding the father of the bride, with some helpers, built a cement path and painted and nailed railings around the bungalow. This complemented the pergola and boardwalk built in the two months since the engagement.

Meanwhile in the kitchen an army of helpers was preparing all the salads and meats. Field flowers were picked around Kingaroy and arranged for the bouquets and jars that were going on the tables, hanging from walls and railings, and decorating the patio. Many hours were spent lacing the jars with macrame.

Some guests arrived, set up camp, then pitched in with the preparations.

Because there were so many helpers there were loads of little folk, who pretty much entertained themselves. They were fed with toasted cheese and tomato sandwiches en masse, the most delicious curry, and lots of fresh fruit. With that many children you can’t even begin to imagine how much washing went through the two machines!

A garden was made the day before the wedding, the lawn was mowed and edged, and framed photos of all the relatives’ weddings were hung from the railings. This resulted in much laughter and reminiscing by all! Lace scallops were sewn around the veil, borrowed from a friend.

We took a few family photos Friday morning, Jacynta being the first child to fly the coop.

Before the ceremony

The lovely Mum, bride, bridesmaid and sister curled and styled hair till about 20 minutes before the wedding ceremony. The most laid-back bride imaginable then popped into her dress and fixed her veil – no fuss, no stress!

All set for the ceremony. The mother of the bride and some helpers made all the bench chairs.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

The two-year old twins had a treat waiting for them at the end of the aisle if they walked ok. They took one look at the sea of faces and got stage fright. So the father of the bride carried the shy flower girls, his youngest daughters, down the aisle! He then came back and collected the bride.

Now there’s a happy groom!

The father of the bride couldn’t stand up to say ‘I do’ to answer the “Who gives this woman to be married to this man?” question because his lap was full of children!

Jacynta’s aunties organised a wonderful gourmet spread for afternoon tea.

Family photos

There was a small improvement in the girl/boy ratio with the addition of a son-in-law!
Luke is the last in his large family to get married, so there are considerably more people
in his family photo!

Wedding Photos

We took some photos at an old cottage adjacent to Jacynta’s family home. Memories from Jacynta and her sisters’ childhood, playing in their beloved ‘Snow White’s Cottage’, came flooding back!’

Jacynta made this chessboard for Luke. They played a quick game
while I photographed them.

The bride really wanted the boho, natural look. Her beautiful bohemian dress was two dresses sewn to make one that cost $70 in total! She wore macrame sandals on her feet instead of shoes. And the groom’s shoes were green. 

Maid of honour, Lara and my son Isaac – and yes, his glasses are broken and no, that doesn’t bother him too much and yes, he is getting them fixed soon!

The Reception Under the Stars

Reception food was BBQ, salads and icecream, with coffee and homemade kombucha.

The live band playing kept many kids entertained!
heart melt

So the newly marrieds are off on their five week honeymoon travelling around Tassie and New Zealand! When they return they will live in a wooden cottage built by … yes, you guessed it … the groom … out of recycled timber!

Blessings to an amazing couple!