With hearts full to bursting, Sam and Cass married under the shade of a gumtree on the lawns of Villa Vineyards at Currency Creek.
Having met at Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills, picking strawberries, playing mini-golf and talking the night away around a bonfire, these two lovebirds worked out pretty quickly they were destined for each other!
Both being beach lovers, Sam doing a degree in Marine Biology and a PhD on coastal erosion, Sam proposed to Cassie, on a rock, at Middleton Beach. After she worked out they weren’t just on that rock to take photos and enjoy the scenery, Cass said a resounding ‘YES’!
Villa Vineyards is just 15 minutes away from Middleton Beach, so we had some photos on the rocks and beach. It was windy – so windy – but I think it added to the beauty of the whole day!
Congratulations you two, finding your soulmate!
Verity and Mel.

this was going to be a heart drawn in the sand – didn’t quite cut it but you get the idea!
yep – she jumped off the cliff!
“I feel so happy I feel like bouncing” Tiger