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Adelaide Hills Family Photographer

Keeping it real

Ben and Mel had some family photos that were real, and reflected the warmth and love of the family. Choosing a venue in the Adelaide Hills helped a lot as we could choose spots where the light streamed through the trees and didn't have to worry about cars or people in the background which is sometimes the problem with city park photos.

Colour tones

I loved the choice of colour tones here - the neutral colours of blue, black and grey with a touch of the pink to bring it all together and give a soft feel about the images.

Getting your hair done for family photos

Mel wasn't sure she should worry about getting her hair curled for family photos but her sister convinced her it was a good option. She is very pleased she did! The curls looked so good with the golden sun highlighting them and was worth the extra effort.

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Location: Onkarapinga Road, Verdun, South Australia.