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Choosing The Right Sized Photo

Choosing the right size for your photo is important.

Here are some tips to help you decide.

1. Where do you want the photo to be displayed? You may wish to have one large print displayed on a wall. Choose a size that means the photo stands out. If you go too small, it can be disappointing. However, if you go too large, you may be unable to hang more photos down the track. So, consider how large you would like a picture before committing to a size.

2. Will the photo have a simple or ornate frame? Will your framed picture fit the space you have allocated?

3. How high do you want to hang the photo? As a rule, place photos on the wall at average adult eye level (157 cm).

4. Will the photo have a frame and a mat? Allow extra room on the edges (about 3mm) if you can so that the frame or mat doesn't cover some of the photo.

5. What will be the ratio of the hung picture? Most photographers use cameras that take photos in a 2:3 ratio, 3 cm long for every 2 cm high. (Square format cameras do exist, but they are pretty rare.) So, the standard-sized photo has a 2:3 ratio. If you order prints with a 2:3 ratio, none of the pictures will be cropped. If you order other ratios, the photo will be cropped on the left and right. Make sure your preferred ratio works with the chosen picture.

Here are some examples:

This is the standard ratio print (2:3).

The following sizes are in this format:
4x6 inch
16x24 inch
20x30 inch

The picture above is a 5:7 ratio print. As you can see, some of the field is cropped, but that is not very important in this photo.

The picture above is a 4:5 ratio print. Now, some of the girl's scarf is cropped. The following sizes are in this format:
8x10 inch
16x20 inch
24x30 inch

The picture above is a 1:1 ratio print-square. Sometimes, square photos look great. As you can see, the girls fill the print, but some context is lost on the left, and most of the flying scarf has disappeared.

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