Natural Family Photographer in Adelaide Hills
Verity Edgecombe Photography

Natural Family Photographer in Adelaide Hills

This lifestyle father and daughter photo was taken at the end of a extended family photo session with three generation coming from all over Australia to be together in Adelaide. They camped out for a whole weekend to celebrate the birthday of their Grandma and while they were altogether they wanted to have photos that would help them remember the special day. Each family also had their own family photos in a few different settings. Children grow up so fast so it's great to able to capture the different stages of their lives. In a moment they are at school, at university, married - and have kids of their own or travelling the world!
This little princess is from a large family and you can tell the love they all have for each other. This photo will be a timeless reminder of the fun that Dad had with his children. It is enhanced by the beautiful golden glow that we caught at the edge of a field on a farm in Adelaide Hills, Cockatoo Valley.
This family are from Perth but come to Adelaide often. Mum is a good photographer herself and takes photos of the children regularly but it's nice to be able to get affordable, quality professional photos once in a while.

Location: Balmoral Road, Cockatoo Valley, South Australia.