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Having a love for food and all things beautiful, I photograph products in such a way that your clients can't resist!

Food and Produce Photography

I can create recipes for you if you are wanting to show off your fresh food produce. This can be anything. Dukkah, brussel sprouts, apples, strawberries, cheese, or any of your produce. Alternatively, if you are a cafe, restaurant or bakery and would like eye-catching photos of your produce for social media or wall art, I can either come to your space and take photos or pick up the products from you and photograph them in my studio.

Product Photography

You may have homewares, wine, flowers or products you would like photographed in a creative way. I will listen to vision, find out what kind of style suits your business and photograph your products to help give your online business a real push along! For example, I photograph products for an online beach house décor company. They want soft, light tones with an emphasis on fresh and airy. In contrast, I photograph for a home delivery fresh fruit and veg company. As they are an Adelaide Hills company they want a more country vibe with an emphasis on dark and moody! I will photograph and edit photos to suit your look. Both these businesses have had record sales since I started photographing their goods. Beautiful photos sell. It's that simple.


Do you want team photos and photos of you all at work? That can be included in your package.

Customer Service

Affordable, dedicated and easy-going, I will do whatever it takes to make your online presence very attractive. All my images will be uploaded onto an online gallery at a reduced size for easy upload, but will also be available at full resolution if you would like to print photos for your shop front or warehouse.

A review from Ali, founder and owner of Island Living Australia

My first experience with Verity was a family photo shoot that my daughter set up. I am incredibly camera shy and never in a million years would I have put myself in that position! However, Verity made me feel at ease the entire time – which is saying something. I love the beach, I feel a sense of calm and peace when I am there and not only did she capture that feeling in my photos, she also captured the fun side of our personalities, along with some tender, unplanned moments between my children and I. She also went above and beyond when she ended the shoot completely drenched because she went into the water, fully clothed to get the perfect shot without a second thought!!! Needless to say, when I learned that Verity was offering product photography, I absolutely jumped at the opportunity to work alongside her again after such a positive experience. My business is based around beachy products (big surprise) and I wanted my products captured in a dreamy, light and airy way and Verity has delivered each and every time. I have worked beside Verity for a couple of years now and I have noticed a definite increase in the amount of sales after having my products professionally taken by her. If you are serious about growing your business and taking it to the next level, I cannot recommend Verity highly enough. I have had the privilege of watching her at work and there are moments that I am left speechless with the artistry she exhibits with what seems such ease. After years of struggling to take my own product shots and having nothing that truly captures the beauty of my products and definitely nothing worthy of social media, I haven’t looked back. I am not only saving hours of time attempting photography and fumbling around editing programmes, but I have so many Insta-worthy photos now that I can get my brand out there with pictures that I am proud to share. On a personal level, I really enjoy working with Verity because she has a wicked sense of humour that comes out when you least expect it, she is willing to attempt any idea I have and she has the knack of making it work. She listens to what I want and helps me come up with creative ideas that I may have never thought of. If I am unsure about something, she will work at it until I am completely satisfied. Finally, she is just as invested in my business succeeding as I am. When she has taken the perfect shot, she gets just as excited about it as I do and will let out an excited and happy yelp. I need no other proof than this to know that I am in the right hands.

For more details contact Verity at verity@verityedgecombephotography.com.au or ring me on 0409995035.

Wedding, Family and Product Photographer based in the Adelaide Hills - 0409 995 035 - verity@verityedgecombephotography.com.au - Copyright 2022