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Royal Adelaide Golf Club Wedding Photography

Royal Adelaide Golf Club Wedding - Victor and Maddy

We enjoyed capturing Victor and Maddy on their wedding day at Saint Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church and the Royal Adelaide Golf Club.

Maddy and Victor met via Facebook! Maddy saw a photo of Victor on a mutual friends page, and Maddy thought Vic looked nice, so she added him. Not long after that, they became good friends. That friendship blossomed and made for a beautiful love story.

The newlyweds had their official photos on the course of the Royal Adelaide Golf Club. It was a beautiful golden afternoon; the sun shone through the pines and harestailgrass, and their daughter danced in the fields like no one was watching!

The wedding ceremony was held at Saint Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church in Wayville. With Victor's Russian heritage, the couple celebrated their special day with a ceremony steeped in tradition. The proceedings lasted over an hour and included rituals dating back to 700 AD. One of the most significant traditions was placing crowns on the couple's heads, symbolising the importance of the sacrament of marriage. The couple also shared wine and exchanged rings that had been blessed by the church a week before. Men stood on one side, women on the other, and a small choir sang from the balcony at intervals throughout the ceremony.

The crowned Bride and Groom at Saint Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, Wayville

During the wedding ceremony at Saint Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, Wayville

Beautiful wedding couple walking in the golden light at the Royal Adelaide Golf Club, Wayville

With all weddings, I like to capture the uniqueness of the occasion in such a way that it evokes all the good memories associated with it for many years to come. I also like to include photos of the couple walking away, and often, that photo is fitting to use at the end of a wedding album to give it a good sense of completion and walking off to their new life together.

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Location: 328 Tapleys Hill Road, Seaton, South Australia.