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How to Write Your Wedding Vows

Tips on Writing Your Wedding Vows

Writing your own vows, rather than repeating the words a celebrant wrote, helps you stop and work out why and how you will make the lifetime commitment.

Here are my top 5 tips to think about while writing your vows:

1. Why do you love your fiancé? What makes them stand out from everyone else?

2. Why do you want to get married?

3. What do you enjoy doing with them?

4. How do you plan to make your love last 'till death do us part'?

5. Acknowledging the support you have received and will continue to need from others, is also something to mention.

Brian and Josie, depicted in this image, spent a lot of time writing vows to each other. It was heartwarming to hear them. After the ceremony at Inglewood Inn, Josie told Brian his vows were better than hers, but he felt hers were better, which showed how much they love and respect each other. The truth is, both vows were beautifully written. They were meaningful, thoughtful and full of love and commitment.

I encourage couples to print their vows out on A5 pieces of paper so I can take a photo of them and have it included in their wedding album.

Photo of Matthew and Naomi's vowsEach wedding anniversary, you can pull out your wedding album, remember how you felt on that special day, and renew the commitments you made to each other.

If you would like your wedding ceremony captured to show how you feel while saying your vows, contact Verity.

Matthew and Naomi sharing their wedding vows at their Woodburn Homestead ceremony

Location: 1931 North East Road, Inglewood, South Australia.