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Verity Edgecombe Photography

Adelaide Family Lifestyle Photography

This family photo taken during a family photo session was one of my favourites for 2018 with it's carefree, lifestyle feel about it, the stunning light, the colour tones and the Adelaide hills and cattle in the distance.

This family initially booked to have their photos taken in the Autumn but it was very close to winter and the leaves had fallen off the trees at the initial venue we were going to use, so the family opted to post phone the photos till Spring. When the Spring date came around it was a very overcast day. We decided to leave it till the next day, even though it was harder to fit it into our schedules. We definitely made the right decision. The late afternoon sun was golden and gave a beautiful ethereal look to their images.

The countryside in this photo overlooks the town of Littlehampton in the Adelaide Hills. The lovely mother had already indicated to me she was going to wear a floral yellow dress so I kept this in mind while out looking for a good photo venue. I was thrilled when the farmer obliged and gave me the keys to the padlocked gate so we could have easy access into the pastures. The cattle were very curious when we first arrived and I was worried they wouldn't leave us alone, but they settled down with a bale of hay and we used the lovely country feel of cattle grazing as part of the many beautiful photos we were able to get before the family headed off for a family camp!

I often admire the ability of parents to get all their families together, looking gorgeous and on time for their photo session. It takes lots of organisation but is well worth the effort. Keeping the children relaxed and happy is often a key to great family photos and I do tell my parents that I don't mind how the kids are so they don't need to stress at all. "Just let your kids be kids" I say. I think this motto is really important when capturing lifestyle family photos.