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Verity Edgecombe Photography

Adelaide Hills Lifestyle Photographer

Family lifestyle photography with Verity Edgecombe is relaxed and fun with timeless photos to remember your children's childhood.

These siblings are such good friends and their family photo session is a testament to that. They had lots of fun picking and smelling the wildflowers and playing in the lane and forest. With each family I try and work out how they are feeling straight away - especially the children. Some children are shy and nervous and I try and give them space and allow them to observe for a bit so they can warm up to the idea of photos. Other children are bursting with energy and can't wait to perform in front of the camera! These little treasures didn't take long to relax and enjoy being photographed. This day was pretty overcast which I was initially disappointed about, but it did mean we could choose whatever angle we wanted for photos and it gave a lovely soft look to each image. This photo, with it's timeless nature and warm feel will always help the family remember the carefree nature of the girls childhood and the connection between the sisters.

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Location: Bridgewater, South Australia.