Bremer Farm wedding photographer
Verity Edgecombe Photography
Verity Edgecombe Photography

Bremer Farm wedding photographer

Bremer Farm

Bremer Farm was built in the 1800's so it was just the place for Joe and Natalie to have their nuptials as Joe is a country kid at heart!
They were married on a fairly sunny day on the lawns of the farm with afternoon tea served in some of the restored buildings that surround the homestead.
After family photos on the lawns we went to the authentic ruins adjacent, to get some unique and classic photos of Joe in his Roger David outfit and Natalie in a lovely lace gown from Bridal on Pulteney. The skirt was light and understated and hung beautifully for Natalie's slim figure.
To add to the charm of the whole day, a medley of old world tables and chairs provided by the venue were set up for the reception and couches and hay bales lined the open shed.

Caterers at Bremer Farm Reception

Pizza galore was served to the guests by the friendly staff of Adelaide Wood Fire Pizza's and guests were able to choose their own toppings to suit their taste and dietary needs. Next to the Adelaide Wood Fire Pizza caravan was Taco Cat's food truck with hand-sized taco filled with goodness served by those more than happy to keep the guests raving about the food for weeks to come!

Some friends of the family provided a medley of delicious desserts.

What to do if it rains at Bremer Farm

A marquee was ordered for this day just incase it rained. They didn't need it in the end but there is space on the property for a large marquee.

Location: 843 Callington Rd, Hartley, South Australia.