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Tips for Rainy Wedding Days

Tips For Having A Fabulous Rainy Wedding Day
Will rain ruin your wedding day - or make it extra special? It all comes down to preparation and attitude.

Maya Angelou once said, "I've learned that you can tell a lot about a person by how s/he handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights!"

I know a little about lost luggage and tangled Christmas tree lights, but I know a lot about couples with rainy wedding days. If you have a wet wedding day, the BEST thing to do is embrace it! Enjoy it! Bask in it! You set the day's tone, so make it a happy one! It may not be everything you wished for, but there are great things to enjoy about it.

Every wedding I have photographed has had something that hasn't gone to plan. Those couples who handle the challenges well have the happiest memories! Truly!

So, what should you do to make the most of it?

Make a Wet Weather Plan

Be aware that outdoor weddings come with weather risks, and be prepared. Have a wet weather plan. Line up some damp weather options in advance. Ask a close friend to be a wet weather coordinator - they can marshal the guests to roll their sleeves up and bring audio equipment, lights, chairs, decorations, etc, into a marquee or under a verandah when the first drops begin to fall.

Being prepared will take all the stress out of the day - you need to work out the plan.

Prepare To Change Plans

If the unexpected happens, don't feel obliged to stick to the original plan - as one friend put it, "just go with the flow!" (ha!) An experienced photographer will help you grab some great journalistic photos where and when possible. You might have to spend a few minutes getting a few portraits during your reception, but it's nice to sneak away from the spotlight and enjoy the newly married vibe.

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Rain-Proof Ponchos, Umbrellas, Gum Boots - and Towels

Warm shawls or ponchos can help keep you dry and warm. You may like to invest in some for you and your bridesmaids.

Umbrellas can be inexpensive, so get enough to keep all your bridal party dry (ish).

Having see-through umbrellas is ideal because they allow more light on your face, and the background shows through, adding to the atmosphere - like in the photo above.

Some couples with outdoor weddings provide a box of umbrellas for all their guests. You can sell the umbrellas on any second-hand wedding supplies site after the wedding day, so you can recycle them and get your money back.

Have you considered wearing gumboots for your rainy wedding day? It sounds tacky, but it doesn't have to be if you get some classy numbers!

Most importantly, bring a big box of towels to wipe faces and suits, dry off shoes, bench seats, etc.

Hair Dryer and Curler or Straightener

Pop a hair dryer, curler, or straightener into the car boot to do touch-ups! As a photographer, I always pop a hair dryer and curler in my car on rainy wedding days.

Blankets and Heaters

Everybody copes a whole lot better when they're warm and dry. Don't forget older guests who may have arthritis or struggle with the cold. Provide a basket of throw rugs or blankets people can help themselves to. Ensure there are enough heaters at the venues to keep guests comfortable. You want everyone to enjoy your wedding day.

Coffee Van

If you are having your official photos taken at a venue different from your reception, why don't you organise a coffee van so everyone can warm up on coffee and hot chocolates? One couple also had a clever friend bring homemade gourmet sweet treats for everyone. He also served them with a smile and helped coordinate the hot drinks. Everyone loved this touch of thoughtfulness, and it helped everybody to embrace the elements.

Enough already! What about all the many beautiful pluses of a rainy day?

A Romantic Mood

There's nothing like rain to create a classic romantic mood, giving your photographs a great atmosphere and a touch of mystery. The shadows disappear, the colours are more saturated, and skin tones are more even.

Rain in the Air, Rain on the Glass

The rain itself becomes part of the story. Your photos will have a light dusting of rain in the air. There will be raindrops on flowers, on umbrellas, on car windows, all beautiful in their own way, all part of the magic of your day.

Rainy Ceremony at Gomersal Winery

Rainbows and Storm Clouds

You have to have rain to get a rainbow! How awesome is it to have a rainbow on your wedding day! If you see one, catch it in a photo as quickly as possible because they are gone as quickly as they come! And storm clouds can add drama to the skies.


"When life gives you a rainy day, play in the puddles." - I love using puddles to photograph couples in the reflection. You get unique photos that tell the story of the day.


On rainy days in the Adelaide Hills, a mist often comes over in the late afternoon, making for the most beautiful, romantic photos ever! Find the spot and make pretty pictures!

Who Photographs Weddings in the Adelaide Hills?Beautiful, romantic photos in the mist overlooking the Adelaide Hills

Story to Tell

Everyone wants a story to tell, and everyone will remember your wedding day for how wet it was - and how fabulous it was! Rainy weddings are uncommon, so your photographs will be distinctive and memorable.

Go on, love it, and put things in place so all your guests enjoy it, too!

Here's what a bride wrote to me six weeks after her very wet and windy wedding day:

"I just have to tell you that I look at our wedding photos just about every day, and I LOVE them so much. Thank you!! They make me feel so happy whenever I remember our wedding day because you perfectly captured everything". Sarah

In the unlikely event that it pours with rain for your whole wedding day, I include the option of having some official couple photos within a month of your wedding day - at no extra charge! This option will mean you can completely relax on your big day, spend time with your guests and still get beautiful photos!

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