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Children's Portraiture Adelaide Hills

During family photoshoots, I capture children's portraiture that reflects the personality and character of each child.

Getting the children to look right into the lens can be hard, but I often get them to see if they can see things in the lens like, "can you see a frog in here" "I think it's purple, can you see it?" Most kids are too smart and know there is no frog in the lens, but it makes them laugh or smile, and they tend to look in the lens anyway because that is where I am pointing. I think this blossom was way too knowing, but thankfully she still looked directly in the lens with those beautiful brown eyes, and we got just what we wanted.

The venue for this family photo shoot was Balhannah, in the Adelaide Hills. There is a dog park with plenty of space, majestic oak trees, a creek running down the side and a lovely atmosphere for a relaxed session.

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Location: Bridge Street, Balhannah, South Australia.