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Adelaide Childrens Family Photographers

Adelaide's Children Family Photographers

I love being one of Adelaide's children's family photographers - capturing the spirit and personality of each child! Keeping it real and natural is really important to me.

If a child has things like freckles, messy hair, or a birthmark - that all stays, when I'm editing the photos. The only exceptions is when a child has a scab or bruise, or something that is only temporary. I would photoshop these blemishes out. Sometimes children get a big bruise or cut on their face days before a family photoshoot. If it's large, I generally get families to rebook when everything as healed. Of course, if rebooking isn't an option, we will go down the photoshop option. Keep in mind my editing policy:

Editing consists of exposure, white balance, cropping, straightening, contrast and light blemish removal. It also includes two' head swaps' if needed to get the 'perfect' family photo! It does not include moderation in body size, hair and makeup corrections, removing wrinkles in clothes, adding or removing transition glasses, or removing sun glare in glasses. I can make modifications to any photo at an additional fee.

Call me, Verity, on 0409995035 or contact me via email to book your children's family photoshoot.

Location: 85 Suffolk Road, Hawthordene, South Australia.