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Adelaide Family Lifestyle Photographer

People have started talking about 'lifestyle family photos', but not everyone knows what this term means?

Back in my grandparents day, the few official family photos they had were in a studio. Stiff and starchy, rarely smiling.

In my parents day, we had studio photos - all positioned around my parents who were sitting on armchairs. We looked like the royal family, just without the crowns! My parents also commissioned a photographer called 'Mr Sprod' who photographed children in their backyards. This kind of work was getting very close to what we would call 'lifestyle family photos'. We pushed buggies, played the piano and sat on the wall to have our photos taken. It was quite revolutionary for its time, and he was very popular. He did, however, not like parents! They had to finance the photography but weren't allowed to be in the photos. They weren't allowed even to hang around! They mucked things up, and the kids didn't behave!

Today, I take family photos of kids pushing buggy's and sitting on the family homes wall, but I LOVE including the parents! We do get pictures of just the siblings. We get photos of each child individually and the children having fun together, but we also get fully family photos, extended family photos and just parent photos! The beautiful interactions of the mother's love, dads being the heroes, grandparents with the grandees are so lovely to record for the next generation, and it's my honour to be part of that force!

For more info about my approach to family lifestyle photography and my pricing contact me here.

Location: Hawthorndene, South Australia.