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Family Lifestyle Photographer in the Adelaide Hills

Having a lifestyle family photo shoot in the Adelaide Hills means children can enjoy the open spaces, fresh air, wildflowers and grasses.

Even though it was the day of the winter solstice and had been a cold night, the sun streamed through across the grassland in the morning, highlighting the field flowers and the girl's beautiful curly locks! The interaction between the two sisters was adorable with big sister looking after little sister so well, so I was so pleased we were able to document these moments of their children to remember for years to come.

The family went home to 'dippy eggs' and pancakes as a treat for being so good. It's great to have something the children can look forward to at the end of a photo shoot. The kids know it's not going to be long before they get home and enjoy their reward and it helps keep them motivated to see it through to the end. I do try and stick to about an hours session, depending on the age and nature of the kids involved. My aim is for them to love it so much they can't wait to have photos again!

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Venue: Blackwood Forest Recreation Park

Photographer: Verity Edgecombe Photography