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Family Photographer in Adelaide, South Australia

Family Photographer in Adelaide, South Australia

As a family photographer in Adelaide, South Australia, I work with you to capture warm-hearted, loved-filled images that express yourself and who you are.
With this beach family photo shoot on the shores of Adelaide's Largs Bay North, we had photos on the path leading up to the beach. We go with the flow and the glow: how everyone is feeling and how the sun is. If a little one is shy, we might take photos of another sibling or their parents so they can see how easy it is. We might take a picture of them with Mum next and then with the other siblings before we take an individual portrait or two. I always give kids space to play and explore to get organic images.

A gentle approach to family photoshoots

The family in these photos were gentle and a touch apprehensive, especially as the youngest was visually impaired, so found it challenging to adjust to the idea of a family photoshoot. She warmed to the occasion, and by halfway through, you could tell she knew just what was happening.

Working with the golden light, we capture lovely portraits during the Adelaide family photoshoot.

I work with many special needs children. I have had four children myself and worked with children in many different situations. In my previous life, before becoming a professional photographer, I was a dental assistant, working with many very nervous children. I have also taught children Sunday School and weekly sessions teaching special needs children in a school environment.

Family photo at Adelaide Beach, South Australia

As a family photographer in Adelaide, South Australia, I encourage you to book your family photoshoot session today. You even get beautiful portraits of yourself if you want to, like this lovely Mum who was sure she wasn't pretty enough to do a portrait of!

Beautiful mother portrait at the end of the family photoshoot

Location: Largs Bay North, South Australia.