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First Look at Weddings

First Look at Weddings by Verity Edgecombe Photography

When couples first start thinking about their wedding day timing, they need to consider how long to allow for photography. Very often, a wedding day runs later than expected, so allowing a little elasticity in the programme is helpful.

You may like to consider a First Look. This is when the couple sees each other officially before the ceremony, in a romantic setting. A photographer usually captures the moment just like walking down the aisle is captured.

Pros of Having a First Look

There are pros and cons to having this.

1. One significant advantage is you can have the majority of your official couple photos taken then so that you can spend more time with your guests at cocktail hour. Some people even get their family photos done just after the First Look.

2. You might be someone who gets nervous, especially in crowds, and your partner helps you relax. Sometimes it's an excellent idea to see each other before the ceremony, spend some time together and calm those butterflies!

3. Having your official photos before all your guests have hugged and kissed you and flattened your flower lapels and lush curls!

4. That first beautiful moment can be private and just between you as a couple. Okay, so your photographer will be there too, but a good photographer will have a long lens, keep their distance, and still get great photos.

5. You don't have to wait for the first kiss halfway through the ceremony!!

6. You have a winter wedding in a place like Adelaide, and you want your photos in daylight, but you can't hire the ceremony venue till late. I photographed a 'First Look' for a couple in the Botanic Gardens. They decided to have a First Look because they were having their ceremony and reception at Ayers House at 4 pm, and it would have been too late to have all the official photos after. It was the best decision for them. They had their family photos straight after their ceremony. Just as I snapped the last picture, it started to rain! We were all so relieved we had captured the bride and groom photos and bridal party photos earlier.

Cons of Having a First Look

1. Will it affects the 'walking down the aisle' moment negatively? That's a decision only you and your partner can make. This is a big decision, and ideally, both of you should be comfortable with it!

2. If you decide to have your family photos during the 'first look', what if some family don't arrive? We can take the pictures at the reception, but you may not want to take the risk, and it could waste a bit of time.

The couple in this photo had a First Look and got this ever so romantic image when they first saw each other. I love the tenderness and the overwhelming love this image conveys. The Bride and Groom enjoyed afternoon tea with their guests and then had another ten minutes for a few more photos as the golden sun came over the mountain tops, and they headed off to their wedding reception.

If you would like to chat about wedding day photography options, contact me here.