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Food and Product Photography

Photographers for product marketing

Photographer for Product Marketing

When photographing these ceramic mugs and jug, handcrafted by LC Clay and Co, we wanted to convey a relaxed, cosy supper-for-two vibe.

LC Clay creates products designed to be "fun and functional" and "designed to bring moments of joy to your everyday life", so I kept this in mind when setting up my images.

Aspects to consider when photographing products

It's important, with online photography, to always make sure the products stand out, so placing the pastry behind the pottery means the eye goes straight to the mugs. Also noteworthy was using a glass vase for the flower prop instead of a ceramic one, ensuring we kept the focus on the cups and jug.

I used props that included the tones of the products to be marketed, helping the eye to be drawn straight to the focus.

My light source was a filtered window. I placed the ceramics so the light came in from the side, giving the pottery depth instead of looking flat.

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Location: Adelaide, South Australia.