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Verity Edgecombe Photography

Top Adelaide Wedding Photographers

Here are some tips in finding the best Adelaide wedding photographer for your special day!

There's a host of top wedding photographers in Adelaide that might be suitable for your wedding day but how do you work out who to choose?

Each photographer has their style and way of post-processing their images, but there are differences in ways of photographing and editing photos that can be broken up into categories from journalistic, classic, lifestyle and high fashion.

Photography style

Verity Edgecombe's style is classic, being timeless, but a lot of your wedding photos will be journalistic and tell the story of your day. At home when getting ready or after the ceremony, during the main photo session, I generally show you where the beautiful light or best background is and then let you do your own thing. The images in your portfolio will have believable, real photos that represent how you felt on the day. Of course, I set up this photo bridal party photo in the Riverland. It was a large bridal party, so we set everyone up, so they weren't blocking anyone else, were on different levels to add interest and the newly married were the main focus. I always do a quick check people look great before I take group photos. This bridal party were so surprised the photo time was over so quickly, and they could go and enjoy cocktail hour!

Post processing

The way your photographer processes or edits your images makes a big difference to the overall look. Once again, Verity Edgecombe Photography has a classic, timeless style, so the photos are true colours, won't date and you will still be able to remember the original colours looking through your wedding album on your 20th wedding anniversary!

Contact me

If you would like timeless images with a focus on capturing all the moments of your day in a journalistic way with a beautiful use of light, contact Verity Edgecombe Photography.