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Veale Gardens Weddings Adelaide

Veale Gardens in the Adelaide CBD is beautiful for an outdoor wedding ceremony and a great spot for wedding photos after a church wedding.

Being on the outskirts of the Adelaide CBD, Veale Gardens is convenient if you have guests coming from any direction in Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills. Unlike an Adelaide Botanic Garden wedding, parking is not generally an issue as there are often quite a few spots along South Terrace to park and areas behind the Veale Gardens if guests can't find a spot on the Terrace.

Veale Gardens Wedding Ceremonies

You have a lot of choices on where you would like your ceremony. Choose somewhere that has a lovely outlook, but also, it's good if you all don't have to sit or stand in the full sun. It's slightly scary and embarrassing when your Grandma faints because she had to stand in the sun for too long during the ceremony!

Sometimes there are other bridal parties in the Veale Gardens on a Saturday but there is so much choice for photos you can work around anyone else. The good thing is, if you are only having photos there, you don't have a fee for use.

Photography at Adelaide Veale Gardens

There is so much choice for your wedding photographer to choose from at Veale Gardens - arches, bridges, paths, shaded trees, steps and even a completely different outdoor look of dry grass and gums, which can make for some lovely ethereal-looking photos. I really like the fact that this photo above was taken in the middle of summer, but because of the angle I chose to take the photo and the colour of the leaves in the trees behind, the backdrop included some lovely autumn-looking colours for diversity within the bride and groom's portfolio.

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Location: South Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia.