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Adelaide Hills Intimate Wedding Photographer

Adelaide Hills Intimate Wedding Photographer

Hidden away on a secluded farm in the Adelaide Hills Cuddlee Creek, I photographed Marco and Marsha's intimate wedding ceremony.

Intimate Wedding Ceremony in the Adelaide Hills

The Wedding ceremony with Vincent van Goat

Keeping it small, Marco and Marsha had 15 family and friends to witness their vows. Their beloved Vincent van Goat was their ring bearer. As we had 50 giddy goats on my parent's property last year that regularly escaped, were nigh impossible to manage and ate everything in sight, a goat as a pet was a hard concept to grasp, let alone include one in a wedding ceremony! However, it ended up remarkably well. Vincent van Goat is a one-horned goat. He was named before he lost his horn, but we wonder if it was a self-fulfilling prophecy to his earless namesake. Vincent wasn't interested in his ring-bearing role, but he was interested in the bucket of treats rattled in front of him, enticing him down the aisle to deliver the jewels. Having performed such an honourable role, the long-bearded friend felt right at home and inserted himself in most family photos!

The ring bearer gets some treats for doing his job successfully!

Vincent van Goat included himself in most family photos

The Bridal Gown

Marsha wore a topaz pink vintage look gown by Needle and Threads. With its three layers of floral prints, pretty ruffles and soft tulle, it was the perfect dress for their intimate country wedding.

Rustic Wedding Vibes

Rustic and relaxed were two words to describe this wedding day. I loved this wooden shed, built by Marsha's Dad, so we used it as a backdrop for some images. The way the tree branches arched over the shed's roof and the country road wound around the corner on the side gave the images extra context.

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Location: Cudlee Creek, South Australia.