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Adelaide Hills Children's Photographer

Being an Adelaide Hills Children's Photographer means that we can find beautiful venues for photos of you and your children enjoying life's simple pleasures!

Choosing a venue for family photos

Choosing the right venue for your family photos is sometimes difficult. I always say choose a place that represents who you are as a family or where your happy place is. For some that is the country air, with fields and rustic ruins or an apple orchard. For others it's the beach and you visualise your family photos with wind swept hair, building sandcastles.

This little princess lived down the road from a field of wildflowers. During their spare time they take a walk down the lane and foriage, bringing home a basket of floral treasures they can enjoy for weeks to come. A venue just down the road from their family home was perfect for this photo shoot.

What kind of venue suits you? Contact me via text - 0409995035 or email me for my availability.