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Real life photography in Adelaide Hills

Families want to look back on their photos and remember real life and that's what we at Verity Edgecombe Photography are passionate about capturing.

Piggy-back with dad at Aldgate in the Adelaide Hills

You want to remember that warm little hand, the tender look he gave, the soft cheeks, the tiny joggers. These thoughts, in turn, remind us of so many other blessings parenthood brings.

I was fortunate to have parents who commissioned a photographer called 'Mr Sprod' to photograph us as kids. He captured us in our natural environment - playing the piano, pushing a truck around the lawn, kicking a ball. Unfortunately, he wasn't into parents been allowed in the photos, infact, I understand they weren't even allowed to hang around at all because they would only cause trouble! (gasp!)

I like to take images of your family that are heart warming and heart-bursting. I want them to help carry you through the hard times and remind you of all the good times. Childhood is for such a short time. It's gone before you know it and capturing that time, preserves gold in a frame that shines more brightly as year follows year!

Mother and Child Family PhotographerPrecious moments with Mum at Aldgate in the Adelaide Hills

If you want your family photographed so that it really reflects the real life of your family, contact me (Verity Edgecombe) on 0409 995 035 or email me to book your family photos.