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Fun Adelaide Kids Photographer!

I'm Verity Edgecombe. I'm based in the Adelaide Hills and love taking photos of families together. I love kids and how they see the world. I love how they often don't even notice the camera. Instead, they muck around and play, and we can capture those moments in time, the kids just being themselves.

Let's Create!

One of my favourites is when kids start creating their ideas for photos. The photos are often not that flattering or even awkward as they try hard to think of ideas that I can photograph! For example, they climb a tree and then hang from it awkwardly and give me a cheesy smile!

"Sure", I say, "I'll take a photo of you up there" (in poor light, looking posed)

then, "ok champ, can we climb down the tree now, and we'll get some photos of you playing with your dog!"

I have ways to relax the kids, so it's an hour of fun, but still look at the camera when they need to. So, for example, I have things on my camera that I get them to look at like Pez creatures - with Pez lollies, they get as treats (with parent approval, of course!).
I ask questions like "with your fingers can you show me how old you are? "can you run as fast as a cheetah?" "can you dance like a ballerina?" "can you see the froggy in my lens?". By the end of the time together, some kids even work out that there isn't a purple frog in my lens - then I have some explaining to do!!

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