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Lifestyle Family Photoshoot Adelaide Hills

Lifestyle Family Photoshoots

This photo is from the second time I photographed this beautiful family in their home environment. Lifestyle family photoshoots enable us to capture your children as they grow. My parents had the same photographer capture us as kids in our home environment, and the photos are classics. They still sit in my living room and are enjoyed by those visiting. We remember the 'good old days', enjoy the similarities the next generations have, laugh about the quirks that have stayed with us, and smile at the fashion that was then and is now!

I love how the Adelaide Hills are showcased as a backdrop in this family photo. The family depicted are fortunate to live next door to an apple orchard to which they have access. I love the boys having fun together and their parents enjoying the moment. I love how the youngest one is wearing the same overalls the oldest one wore last family lifestyle photoshoot.

I'm looking forward to next time!

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Location: Lenswood, South Australia.