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Verity Edgecombe Photography

Romantic Wedding Photographer in Adelaide Hills

Verity Edgecombe Photography is a wedding photographer based in the Adelaide Hills and takes romantic, timeless, beautiful images in a relaxed style.

I'm a bit of a romantic myself, so I work with my couples to get beautiful, romantic photos. I do this by encouraging couples to be themselves, to chat with each other and try and forget I'm even there. I often use a long lens so that I'm further away from couples and not in their personal space, which helps them relax, and when they chat or whisper something in each other's ears, I can't hear...though sometimes I can guess by the reaction!

We do get 'kissing photos', but I also like to catch the moment just before and just after the kiss. I call this 'the nearly kiss' and I pretty much love them!

In this photo, the groom had his leg in a brace, so he was only too pleased to lie down for a few minutes gazing into the eyes of his new bride! These two were up for anything, despite the leg brace, so we had lots of fun getting beautiful images for them to remember their wedding day.

Click here for another image from this romantic, boho, country, DIY wedding day.

Are you getting married yourself? Contact Verity Edgecombe Photography for her wedding photography pricing.