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Stangate House Weddings

Stangate House Weddings

Stangate House of Aldgate in the Adelaide Hills makes for a beautiful wedding venue from Spring to Autumn. The gardens are quite spectacular with their variation of colours throughout the wedding season and carefully cultivated by volunteers to make sure the ambience and beauty of the Adelaide Hills is retained.

Spring and Summer at Stangate House bring with them shaded trees, agapanthus, and hydrangeas in abundance. A creek runs through the garden so there are opportunities for photos on any of their bridges with reflections and all. Guests can enjoy the extensive grounds, sit in the shade of the trees, enjoy cocktail hour around the house or even play mini golf which is a very cool and unique option you might like to consider (see Birdie & Albatross on IG or FB).

A very hot summer day for this wedding at Stangate House amongst the shade of the established trees and foliage

Autumn Weddings at Stangate House brings its own beauty with all those trees turning colour. Pretty spectacular really! At Stangate House there are so many options and so much variety no two weddings have to look the same. I make sure I understand the vibe and tones my couples are looking for and then find places within the grounds to capture that.

Stangate House in Autumn

Not far from Stangate House is a few places that can give you photos with large expanses in the background and can add diversity to your portfolio.

Photography: Verity Edgecombe Photography

Stangate House

email: events@nationaltrustsa.org.au

phone: 0408 081 124

Location: 3 Edgeware Rd, Aldgate, South Australia.