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Vows and Wedding Speeches Magpie Springs

Vows and Wedding Speeches

Magpie Springs in the Adelaide Hills was a lovely wedding venue for this couple to exchange their vows.

Jarrod and Michelle had their wedding ceremony under the shade of some large trees giving plenty of shade for them and their guests. Their vows were so heartwarming as they committed their lives to each other. Michelle also made some vows to Jarrods two boys, promising to look after and care for them. This triggered the tears from pretty much everyone but especially the older of the two boys. He then went on to give the most heartwarming, remarkable speech at the wedding reception. The most staggering part about it was that, at such a young age, he brought all those thoughts together on his own and then presented it in the most mature and amusing way. It's one of those speeches I will never forget despite hearing so many wedding speeches being a wedding photographer!

This brings me to talk about wedding speeches!

The best wedding speeches are normally ones that are:

1. short and sweet 5-10 minutes

2. don't humiliate anyone so it wrecks their day

3. a lot about the couple rather than just boys/girls telling stories about the bad things they did in their childhood

4. aren't a big list of thank you's though an overall thank you everyone is good

5. acknowledge parents and perhaps grandparents - this is advise for groom/bride not groomsmen/maid of honour

6. witty if you are funny and heartwarming if you aren't!

7. don't start with the standard jokes for weddings speeches that you have googled and most people have already heard!

8. include a song or rap if you have that talent!

9. include what other people say if you are speaking on behalf of others