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10 Tips for Wedding Speeches

10 Tips for Wedding Speeches

Wedding speeches can make or break a wedding celebration, so it's important to prepare well and deliver a speech that brings everyone together.

Fleurieu Peninsula Wedding Photographers13-year-old's speech at this couple's wedding was amazing

Jarrod and Michelle's wedding ceremony was under the shade of some large trees and surrounded by an extensive cottage garden. It overlooked vines and gums, and the birds sang a happy tune! Their vows were so heartwarming as they committed their lives to each other. Michelle also made some vows to Jarrod's two boys, promising to look after and care for them, and everyone knew she would.

At the reception, this 13-year-old gave the most remarkable speech. The most staggering part about it was that, at such a young age, this young boy brought all his life's thoughts about marriage and parental care together, and presented them in such a heart-warming and humorous way. No one knew it was going to happen, and no one helped him with the speech. Everyone cried, including his grandpa, who "never cries"! It's one of those speeches I will never forget despite hearing so many wedding speeches over my photography years!

So let's talk about wedding speeches! The best speeches:

1. are usually short and sweet: 5-10 minutes

2. create happy vibes

3. find positive things to say - they don't humiliate anyone

4. focus mainly on the newly weds relationships rather than simply being boys/girls telling stories about the naughty things they did in their childhood and teens

5. contain a few appropriate thank yous, and an overall 'thank you everyone' - but don't include a long, exhaustive, and exhausting list - write personal cards instead

6. acknowledge the work of parents, grandparents and other key people in bringing the couple to this stage of life, and making them who they are

7. are witty if you are genuinely funny, and sincere and heartwarming if you aren't!

8. use original humour rather than the standard jokes for wedding speeches that you have found on Google, and most people have already heard!

9. include a song, poem or rap if you have that talent!

10. include a few insightful comments from other people if you are speaking on behalf of others

plucking up all the courage he had, Josh delivers his speech

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