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National Wine Centre Wedding Photographer

The National Wine Centre is a fabulous place for weddings and as a wedding photographer, I love the diversity of outdoor and indoor places for photos.

National Wine Centre Wedding Photography

This couple were married on the lawns of Yatalia Manor and then travelled to the National Wine Centre for their reception. While the guests were arriving at the wedding reception venue, and this bride and groom had about an hour to relax, we caught the beautiful golden light at the end of the afternoon to get some beautiful backlit photos. I love how these newly marrieds are relaxed and enjoying each others company without anyone else around except for my second photographer and me.

Options For Your Photography

There is this old stone building, shown in the photo, just outside the back entrance to the National Wine Centre, and there is also lawns and other beautiful spots leading to the Botanic Gardens. It's a treasure trove of beautiful backdrops for your photos together. A bonus at the National Wine Centre is photos in their wine cellar. With good use of the limited light, these photos look moody and romantic and a perfect complement to the outdoor photos. There is also the ramp leading up to the centre which has eye-catching lines.

Vineyard option

At the side of the centre is vineyards. These don't look so good in winter, but in spring, summer and autumn, they make for a perfect spot for photos, completing your portfolio with the city, garden and winery vibe!


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National Wine Centre
Address: Corner of Hackney Rd &, Botanic Rd, Adelaide
Website: https://wineaustralia.com.au/

Location: Corner of Hackney Rd &, Botanic Rd, Adelaide, South Australia.